From Pasture to Plate- by John Myers, Farmer and Entrepreneur

John and Ginger Myers operate Evermore Farm, a grass-based diversified livestock farm in Westminster, Md. John grew up milking cows on a Registered Guernsey dairy farm. After a brief stint in college, he launched his own dairy operation, has worked both nationally and internationally as a professional compost consultant, and now spends his time between [...]

The Next Set of “Tweener” Years

I recently had a birthday; one that started a new decade in my life. I’ve just entered my third set of “tweener" years.  I spent my first thirty years getting an education, becoming an adult, and starting a family.  Years 30-60 were heavily engaged in raising the family and devoting considerable energies to my “work” [...]


WHAT OTHERS ARE SAYING Farm Testimonials "We purchased meats from the farm and have nothing to say but they are outstanding. Wife did a steak in the oven and she is not a "steak eater", but she did have some and enjoyed it [...]