October is National Pork Month.  Have you had some bacon today?  Pigs are one of the most prolific animals in the world since their young are born in litters (our sows have 10-12 pigs per litter, twice a year) and they do well outdoors as foragers. Did you know that on average we each consumer 17.8 lbs of bacon per year? Pork is a popular protein choice.

But the taste and cooking style of your pork is affected by the breed of the hog and how it was raised. We need to feed our Berkshire pigs grain since they can’t digest forages the way our cattle can but, they love to romp through their outside yard rooting and digging up tasty morsels with their snouts.  There are countless tasty recipes for preparing the many different cuts of pork., including bacon.

It seems the pork in the grocery store case often looks pale and may have added marinades just to keep it moist.  Read the label on that thick cut bacon in the cooler case. It might just say Product of Canada.

So how can you be sure the pork you buy for you family was raised right and will taste great? Purchasing a ¼. ½ or whole hog Evermore Farm Berkshire hog will provide you with these assurances:

  1. Your pork was raised with respect and with good animal husbandry practices.
  2. Our Berkshire pork has great taste and juiciness.
  3. All our pork cuts come in Family-friendly portions- 1 lb packs, two chops per pack, and roasts that are 2.50-3.00 lbs, just the size to fit in your crock pot.
  4. Having a variety of pork cuts in your freezer provide you the convenience of having your meat “in stock” rather than making another trip to the store.
  5. Purchasing in bulk give you our best pricing so you can feed your family great pork and stick to your family food budget.

Here is a link to our website with more details about purchasing our pork- https://evermore-farm.myshopify.com/

Here’s also are links to some of our favorite pork recipes (not for bacon):