Farm Testimonials

“We purchased meats from the farm and have nothing to say but they are outstanding. Wife did a steak in the oven and she is not a “steak eater”, but she did have some and enjoyed it completely. She couldn’t believe the great taste and tenderness of the meat. We have nothing to say bad about any of the meats we have had. We will be placing another order for the Holidays.”

– Todd D Gabryszak 

“Once you have meat from Evermore farm it’s very difficult to go anywhere else to buy your meat. Best pork chops hands down ever. Love Ginger and everything about this Farm!”

– Denise Bussard Hightower

“I’ve enjoyed all your meat products. The bacon is great, the sausages fantastic….but your briskets…..beyond awesome!”

– Gary Suidikas

“Tried some pieces out a few weeks ago and we were so pleased we went back today for more. Thanks for all the help! See you next time”

– Sara Teal

“Great food and great service from great people! Always love to visit the farm.”

– Ruth Akers

“Great pastured beef and pork”

– Winifred McGee