Makin’ Bacon

At  Evermore Farm, we offer regularly four kinds of bacon in our farm store and online store- Regular Smoked and Sliced Bacon, Uncured Sliced Bacon, No Nitrates; No Sugar Added Sliced Bacon, and Canadian Bacon. We get lots of questions about the differences in these bacons. Here's the skinny on “makin' bacon”. What Is Curing? [...]

Give a Wave

This coming Wednesday is Valentine's Day. The word “love” will get bantered around a lot. The Greeks had eight different words for “love', each having its own nuanced meaning.  We only have the one word in the English language so, sometimes, it's harder to interpret the user's intended meaning. Simply put, Jesus said the greatest [...]

Things No One Tells You About Raising Chickens

Eggs prices have increased and probably won’t cool off any time soon since Avian Influence decimated over 3.5 million laying hens in the US in 2022.  It will take some time to hatch and raise those replacement laying hens. If you’re considering just raising your own laying hens, you’ll need all the facts, and there are [...]

Who is Libby?

Who is Libby of Libby's Pumpkin? Source: Libby's story actually dates back even further than the company itself. So, to understand who Libby is, you first need to understand where the pumpkins come from. It All Started With a Seed The pumpkin used in Libby's canned pumpkin is called a Dickinson pumpkin. These pumpkins, which were [...]

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