There’s a , running joke that when you can’t descibe wha you’re eating you say “tastes like chicken”, but what exactly does that taste like?  We spend too much time and money in life not to be eating something good. And, when I say “good” I mean flavorful.

The ingredients for great flavor in clude the genetics of the aniumals. In both cattle and hogs these are breeds like our Dexter and Belted Galloway beef cattle and our Berkshire hogs.  These are known for nutrient dense, well markbled or well toned meats that yield cuts with color , tone, or density when you cut into them.  They smell clean and inviting when you cook them.

When purchasing meat in the grocery store consider the price, the grade and the county of origin, In the exisitng system, the farmer that produced that meat will only receive about 14 cents of every dollar spent on your food purchases.

Your best buys in meat, poultry, and eggs are direct from the farmer that produced them.  We produce flavorful chicken, sunny yolked eggs, beef with an intense beef taste and chew, and buttery Berkshire pork.  Buying from a farmers is really the answer for consumers who want to know where their food comes from and for farmers to connect with the families they feed.