Are You a Hunter-Gatherer?

Anthropologists tell us that agriculture started when our ancestors began gathering roots and seeds and then planting them for a new crop.  Most likely it was the women who were the world’s first farmers, since the men were still going out in hunting parties and being killed by their prey.  We know this from the […]

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National CSA Day – What’s a CSA?

It seems like every day of the year is some “National…Day”.  I think most are made-up for retail purposes. As much as I appreciate National Bacon Day, December 30, it still doesn’t make my holiday short list.  But, National CSA Day resonates with me as a way to lift up the simple fact that since […]

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Farmers are Fearless Forecasters

We’ve had lots of folk ask about how our animals are doing in the recent severe cold spells. I’m glad they’re concerned about the critters and glad they asked about their care rather that make assumptions about neglect or hardship. But, seldom has anyone asked us- the farmers- how we’re doing in the bitter cold.

Coaxing […]

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Are My Chickens Too Cold?

Holy frozen tundra, it’s really cold outside.  If you have a small flock of backyard chickens or even just a couple laying hens, you may be wondering how to keep them safe and comfortable in the blistering cold days of Winter.  The key to remember when caring for most livestock is they are better off […]

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Share Our Table

We recently hosted a complimentary dinner at the farm for our CSA members and other friends of the farm.  It was a beautiful evening and the food and fellowship were great.  As part of the “welcome introduction” to the farm, I shared that the number one mission of Evermore Farm is to “share the wealth”.

We’re […]

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Keep your Eye on the Ball

My undergraduate degree from Penn State University is in Health and Physical Education. I was good at sports but I think the real draw to that major was the experiences I had being a team member and being mentored by great coaches.  Playing on a team, working together, and not letting down your team mates […]

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Food Safety- a Real Homeland Security Issue

The events of one terrible day cleaved 2001 into two distinct eras.  Prior to 9/11, “community” and “support” were rather ethereal terms in our private and very complicated lives. Since 9/11, communities have been coming together and there has been solidarity in shared grief, mutual support, and patriotism. Yet, current events now lend to privacy […]

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From Pasture to Plate- by John Myers, Farmer and Entrepreneur

John and Ginger Myers operate Evermore Farm, a grass-based diversified livestock farm in Westminster, Md. John grew up milking cows on a Registered Guernsey dairy farm. After a brief stint in college, he launched his own dairy operation, has worked both nationally and internationally as a professional compost consultant, and now spends his time between […]

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The Next Set of “Tweener” Years

I recently had a birthday; one that started a new decade in my life. I’ve just entered my third set of “tweener” years.  I spent my first thirty years getting an education, becoming an adult, and starting a family.  Years 30-60 were heavily engaged in raising the family and devoting considerable energies to my “work” […]

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Todd D Gabryszak reviewed Evermore Farm — 5 star

October 18, 2016 ·

We purchased meats from the farm and have nothing to say but they are outstanding. Wife did a steak in the oven and she is not a “steak eater”, but she did have some and enjoyed it completely. She couldn’t believe the great taste and tenderness of the meat. […]

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