We recently hosted a complimentary dinner at the farm for our CSA members and other friends of the farm.  It was a beautiful evening and the food and fellowship were great.  As part of the “welcome introduction” to the farm, I shared that the number one mission of Evermore Farm is to “share the wealth”.

We’re not referring to dollars and cents here, but rather to share the beauty and richness of our farm’s working landscape. This land was once part of Charles Carroll’s holdings that stretched from the Mason-Dixon line down through Howard County. Carroll was a signer of the Declaration of Independence.  You can read more about our farm’s 250 year history on our website at www.evermorefarm.com.

We want to share the wealth of the clean, nutritious foods produced on our farm. We practice land stewardship practices that enrich our soils and benefit our pasture-raised livestock.  The result is a product that is clean, has no added antibiotics in the life cycle, and our animals are born and raised on our farm.  People ask if our products are organic.  We are not a certified organic farm.  This has more to do with the costs of certification than a production philosophy.  The food we raise and sell here is the food I give to my grandchildren. I’m not going to give my family anything that I think would hurt them, and we’re not going to sell that to your family either.

And, perhaps the most important aspect of “sharing the wealth” is the opportunity to build community between us as farmers and you as the consumers. Putting a face on the producer and the folks who buy our products forms a link of transparency and appreciation that flows both ways. We talk, we share, we get to know each other’s joys and concerns, and we support each other.  All this over the foods we bring to the table.

I’ve decided to start writing to you occasionally so that I could share more about our farming philosophy, our resources, what’s happening around the farm, and open a dialogue that helps build a stronger community between us. We want to share our table with you.
Happy eating,

Ginger Myers
Evermore Farm