It seems like every day of the year is some “National…Day”.  I think most are made-up for retail purposes. As much as I appreciate National Bacon Day, December 30, it still doesn’t make my holiday short list.  But, National CSA Day resonates with me as a way to lift up the simple fact that since we all eat, we’re all involved with agriculture. And, where and how you source your food is important to your health, your community, and our planet. National CSA Day is a great opportunity to celebrate all local CSA farmers and the good food they work so hard to produce.

CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) is a subscription service for a share of a farm’s products (veggies, eggs, meat, flowers, etc) . Typically paid for before the share period begins, CSA income infuses  production capital  needed  to plan and produce products successfully in that share period. In addition to being a great way to eat fresh, local food, being a CSA member is a great way for you to support and connect with local farmers.

What’s the difference between supporting a farmer through a CSA versus a roadside stand? Or a farmer’s market? Why would a person consider signing up for a CSA instead? Here are some questions to ask yourself if :

Q1: Is the relationship to the actual farmer important to you? (Do you want to support a farmer?)

Effective CSAs focus on the farmer-customer relationship as much as the product.

Q2: Do you value having quality ingredients that actually taste good?

Taste matters for foodies. Because you know that putting together a terrific meal in your kitchen isn’t just about your skill. It starts with the ingredients.

Q3: Are you willing to try new foods? (Really?)
CSAs will push you to try new foods and explore variety in your kitchen.

Q4: Are you looking for a “deal”? Are you comparing CSA prices to the grocery store?

People who fully embrace the CSA model don’t look for their membership to be a “deal” or a bargain. And they don’t compare the CSA experience to the grocery store price table

Every item is also telling YOUR unfolding story.

Your share items become a means to an end: they showcase your journey with food. They are the starring attraction in your quest to master your kitchen space and prepare a delicious meal to rival any restaurant fare — a meal you can be proud of. This is not something any grocery store can give you.

Yes, Evermore Farm has a year round CSA program at our farm and we support other farms’ CSAs by providing a meat share as a supplemental option with their veggie shares. Remember, CSA is just one model out there for getting fresh farmer food onto your table. For those who value the story, the journey, and the farmer relationship behind the food, it can be a great option. But there’s no shame in passing on CSA and instead buying weekly from a farmer’s market or on-farm market. Whichever option best first your style or needs.

If you’re interested in learning more about our Meat, Poultry, and Egg CSA program, please visit our website at To find other farms offering CSA shares near you, see

Happy eating!