Anthropologists tell us that agriculture started when our ancestors began gathering roots and seeds and then planting them for a new crop.  Most likely it was the women who were the world’s first farmers, since the men were still going out in hunting parties and being killed by their prey.  We know this from the ancient cave art scenes in Europe.

The tasks of “hunting and gathering” our food has changed over the years from families having gardens and raising some of their own protein, to the current grocery store outlet that makes “gathering” a choice of take it or leave it.

But while we read a lot about folks wanting more convenience in procuring their food, think Blue Apron, research done by the Hartman Group, a food service marketing group, reveals that folks still want choices when it comes to sourcing their food.  It also document the number of outlets and the number of stops they make monthly to “gather” their goods.

Our store customers, CSA subscribers, farmers market customers and food service buyers all are supporting the “gather local food” and “know how your food was produced” food purchasing pathway.  We truly appreciate their willingness to invest their time and food dollars in finding real food produced in ways that resonate with their core values.

Are you a “hunter-gather”, foodie, our just concerned about the food you eat and feed to your family?  Then dedicate the time you’ll need to seek out those sources and validate your food choices.  Every farmer  who sells directly to consumers thanks you for it.