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Essential Oils on the Farm

An Easy Start into Essential Oil Uses

If you’ve been interested in using essential oils or started but couldn’t keep up it i, then join us for a free seminar on the use of essential oils at Evermore Farm, Saturday, September 21, 3:00 PM- 5:00 PM. Amy Smith, a Young Life product user and consultant, will share how essential oils can remove excess chemicals and toxins from the house; as well as, trying a natural approach to healthier living. She’ll discuss how to use the 12 basic essential oils as well as their Thieves Cleaning products. She will even share how oils are great in the home with animals.

Amy is an Administrator in the Anna Arundel Public School System.  She loves to teach and loves sharing about the benefits Essential Oils has brought to her family’s lives. She says, “ I have been using Essential Oils daily and consistently for about 2 years now,  and did not go into the oil kit to be a consultant.  I just found myself sharing all the successes and wellness improvements in my life and people wanted to try the oils.”

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