The Color of Calm
The experts say that blue is the most calming color.  I mean, I guess.  Put me in a mountain cabin with a clear view of the blue sky and I guarantee you that I will feel relaxed.  Green is the next most calming color.  Okay, I can see that.  A nice long walk in the woods with that beautiful green canopy of leaves above you that just lets in those shards of light that penetrate all the way to the forest floor.  Serene.  Peaceful.  But what about yellow?  Yellow is way down at number 7 … AFTER gray!  Hmmm.  Not sure I agree there.  Let’s do this scientifically.  I am going to just stroll down the street, say at 7:30 in the morning, and ask the moms how they feel as that big yellow vehicle of tranquility (we call them school buses and my own children called it riding the big cheese) carts off those little darlings who have been “bored” all summer.   My hypothesis is that yellow is pretty high up there on the calm and relaxing meter for them.Let’s keep everyone relaxed … and safe.  Be sure to stop for a stopped school bus. It’s the law. And, keep an eye out for little Jimmy or Julie as they race across the yard and street to catch that bus.