This coming Wednesday is Valentine’s Day. The word “love” will get bantered around a lot. The Greeks had eight different words for “love’, each having its own nuanced meaning.  We only have the one word in the English language so, sometimes, it’s harder to interpret the user’s intended meaning.
Simply put, Jesus said the greatest commandment is to love God with all our heart, soul and mind. And, the second is like it- to love our neighbors as ourselves.  I can keep God top of mind, but always loving my neigbor can be challenging.
John and I grew up in rural Pennsylvania and when driving down our back roads, everyone waved when they passed each other. It wasn’t a Queen Elizabeth type wave but more like a couple of raised fingers from one of your hands on the wheel. Safe driving- keep two hands on the wheel. This could have been a country thing.  Or maybe it was just because we were usually going slower so there is more chance for eye contact
When we moved to Maryland, I would wave to folks on Rockland Road and you would have thought I was making an obscene gesture.  When did waving to folks become so challenging?
I get it that it’s tough to wave while driving on Route 140, the Beltway or almost any town street.  But once you are in your own neck of the woods, I think a wave could show a little neighborly connection. I like to get a wave from another driver or someone out in their yard. It makes me feel like we are acknowledging each other, like, “hey human, good job at surviving today.”
This week I would encourage you to share a little love by giving out some friendly waves and a smile. But if you’re driving, put down that cell phone so you have at least one hand on the steering wheel before you wave.