The other day I got a call from a lady looking for pig skin.  I asked what she meant by pig skin and she said, “You know. Like when you cut a pork shoulder roast…do you leave the skin on? Can I buy pig skin from you?”  I gently replied that our processor skins our hogs and fabricates the cuts from the remaining carcasses per our instructions.  We don’t process any of our steers, hogs, or lambs here on the farm. We take them to a USDA approved processor. Hence my answer to other calls for hog pancreas, thyroids, sheep brains, and hog bladders is also “sorry, but no”. We don’t do that here.

Our meats are processed at USDA approved processors- Smuckers Meats in Mt. Joy, PA, handles our beef and pork and Stoney Point Meats, in Littlestown, PA, handles our lambs.  These are trained professionals in food safety, humane slaughter, and customer cutting of the meats.  Their skills coupled with the quality of our meats brings you a safe and delicious eating experience.  Look for the USDA seal on all our beef, pork, and lamb cuts as our guarantee they were processed under Federal inspection.

We do have a Maryland State license for the on-farm processing of chickens, turkeys, and rabbits.  This program allows for local processing that is advantageous to small farms but is still under training and licensing from the State of Maryland Department of Health. When processing, we follow State approved Standard Operating Procedure and a food safety plan.

Our goal is always to provide your family with a safe product, provide good stewardship for our animals and our farmland, and to share the bounty of this farm with our community. That IS what we do here at Evermore Farm.