I recently had a birthday; one that started a new decade in my life. I’ve just entered my third set of “tweener” years.  I spent my first thirty years getting an education, becoming an adult, and starting a family.  Years 30-60 were heavily engaged in raising the family and devoting considerable energies to my “workNew Image” life, which included launching this farm.  I am absolutely sure the best crop John and I ever raised is our children.

As I enter what I imagine will be my last set of “tweener” years, I want to focus more of my time on doing something that matters; something that leaves the world a better place.  Our fathers always admonished us to leave the land in better condition than we found it,  I think that applies to our larger community today. Caring for my family definitely matters to me, but they know I function best when I’m immersed in a passion.  I’m not sure what new skills or friends I’ll encounter along the way but I’m sure part of my mission will be to help my community and customers see themselves plugging into the local food systems.  People gravitate to foods, congregate during a meal, and experience the cycles of life and nature when witnessed first hand on the lands that produce their substance.  I want our farm and our products to be part of that cycle.

I’m looking forward to this set of “tweener” years.  I know that my passion for farming will allow me to concentrate on making a life by the way I make a living.