Your Questions, Answered.


Your Questions, Answered.


How can I contact you?

You can get in touch with us via email here or calling 443-398-6548.

Who is Evermore Farm?

Evermore Farm is a family-owned and operated, grass-based, diversified livestock and produce farm that markets its products directly to consumers. In the broader sense, at Evermore Farm, we strive to be true to the heritage of this land. We follow low-input, sustainable farming practices, such as rotational grazing. When the pastures are low or the weather is challenging we provide feeds free of added stimulants or medications to our livestock and poultry. We maintain produce and flower gardens that grow food for other families, but also provide the food that feeds our own families. We do not inventory any products from other producers in the “Pantry” at our farm and they cannot be purchased at our farm.

What do you produce?


We raise Irish Dexter and Belted Galloway beef cattle because their meat is so tasty and tender. The beef is 100% grass fed and grass finished – we only feed grain in the worst weather of winter. Using rotational grazing which maximizes the quality and quantity of the pasture. Our calves stay with their mothers until weaning at seven months. The beef is harvested when the animals are approximately 2+ years of age. Once processed, the beef is dry aged for 14 days before cutting, wrapping and freezing.


We raise Berkshire hogs. Berkshire meat is elegant, luscious, and smooth. Because of the excellent muscle quality of Berkshire pigs, consumers experience pork that is superior in taste and eating qualities when compared to most other breeds. The streaks of fat that run through Berkshire meat gives it a round and buttery flavor that melts on the tongue. The firm and substantial texture of Berkshire meat was so cherished by the British monarchy that they exported the breed all over the world, including Japan where it is called “Kurobuta” meaning “black pig”.


We receive chicks when they are just one or two days old. For the first 2 weeks, the tender chicks are given supplemental heat and kept sheltered to protect them until they are sturdy enough to spend their days outdoors. After 2 weeks, the chicks no longer need extra heat and begin leaving the chicken house to roam and graze. They receive a diet of grain and pasture. They forage daily supplementing their diet with grass, clover, weed seeds, insects, worms – exactly how a chicken eats when given her natural environment. When evening comes and the sun is setting, the chickens voluntarily go into their shelter for protection from weather and predators. This diverse but natural diet our layers produce eggs with a flavor and tone that our customers repeatedly say they cannot find in any store.

** We never give any of our animals growth hormones or animal by-products.

Are your products hormone-free?

Our herds and flocks have access to over 28 acres of pasture. They spend their whole life with access to pastures and grazing grass. Grazing on open pasture helps with the general health of the animal: They get exercise. They absorb sunshine. They breathe fresh air. This is quite unusual and contributes to the unique, complex, and delicious flavor of our meats, chicken, and eggs. Our animals are raised free of any injected growth hormones or routine use of antibiotics either in their feed or by injection. 

Do you offer Gift Cards?

Yes! You can easily purchase a gift card in our online store. Check out the gift cards page for all the details and terms.