Farm Fresh Products and Specialty Foods from Local Farms and Artisans to Your Door


BaconOriginally, a pantry was understood to be a cool and dark place where perishable foods such as freshly baked bread could be stored. In fact, the word pantry is thought to be derived from the French word “pan” which means bread. Over time, the concept of the pantry was expanded from a simple bread room into an area where essentials could be stored in bulk

The pantry is making a comeback in American and English homes as part of a resurgence of nesting and homekeeping since the late 1990s. It is one of the most requested features in American homes today, despite larger kitchen sizes than ever before. There is a charm and nostalgia to the pantry, as well as a practical, utilitarian purpose.  We want to help you keep your pantry, cupboards, and freezer filled with the freshest, best quality products from our farm and from a few special local vendors we know from farmers’ markets we attend.

Let us help you stock your home pantry. The Evermore Farm Pantry Delivery Service is a scheduled delivery of natural or and organically produced meats, eggs, food items to locations throughout Carroll, eastern Frederick, northern Howard, western Anna Arundel, and Baltimore Counties.  Every month, we’ll announce the list of products available and the dates they can be purchased. Just in time to stock your pantry with meats, eggs, chicken, and other specialty farm products. We do not stock items from other farms here at Evermore Farm. They are only available when the pantry is open.

Once the “On Sale” date arrives, an order form will be available on our website and posted there for 7 days. Once the purchase date passes, we’ll collect the orders, pull and pack your custom order, and deliver it to your door on the third Thursday of the month.   Announcements work much like purchasing concert tickets…dates are announced well in advance but tickets, or in this case food, can’t be purchased until the day they go on sale. So, the schedule is – First Thursday of the month, the Pantry opens for orders; second Thursday of the month Pantry closes for orders; and deliveries are made the third Thursday of each month.

We do not take orders or make deliveries on Sundays, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, or Easter.



We accept checks, cash, or credit cards. Credit card payment must be arranged in advance by emailing your phone number to Ginger at [email protected].  She will call for your credit card numbers. When paying with check or cash, please put your payment in an envelope or a baggie and place in your cooler. Please make your check payable to Evermore Farm.  We will pick it up when we make your delivery.  You will need to have your payment in a baggie when there is ice in your cooler to ensure that your payment does not get wet.  You can also tell us of another place which you would like to provide (hide) the payment and we will note where it is for pickup.

Minimum order is $10- does not include delivery fee.  There will be a $35 service charge for returned checks.

Watch your email for the announcement that the Pantry is open.  Read more about our service and products and FAQs on-line at www.evermorefarm.com.