Evermore Farm CSA Sign-up Forms and Information

Order Form for December 2017-March 2018 Meat, Poultry and Egg Shares   Click Here


Know Your Farmer- Know Where and How Your Food was Grown

CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) members participate in their own food supply by committing to share in the harvest of a local grower. By joining a CSA, you express your support for locally grown food and to the farmers who grow it. This creates a unique relationship between the consumers and the producers—nowadays, not many people actually know the farmer who picked the tomatoes they are eating or grew the hogs that produced that fantastic bacon!

At Evermore Farm members can purchase single or a combination of shares several times a year with different pick-up sites depending on the season of the year.

Meat, Poultry, and Egg Shares

Our meats and eggs are available year-round, but we decided to offer them as a share to guarantee our meat, poultry and egg subscribers our best cuts and to help with scheduling meat processing.  With a CSA meat share, you won’t have to worry about our supply.  We will fill our meat, poultry, and egg shares first and then pack up for the markets each week.

Our meat, poultry, and eggs shares are offered on a quarterly basis.  This allows new members to plan ahead to join and an easy way for current members to renew their subscription. Schedule listed below.  Click on link for more information about share sizes and application form.

Order Form for December 2017-March 2018 Meat, Poultry and Egg Shares   Click Here