Sorry but, we are not taking any whole lamb orders at this time.

Got a great tasting, pasture-raised lamb in your freezer?

Evermore Farm Pasture-Raised Lamb 2019 ORDER FORM

Seems like every year we’re out of lambs before we’re out of buyers. To insure you have one of our fresh tasting, pasture-raised lamb for your freezer this year, we’re taking advanced orders. How to Order: Reserve your lamb by sending in a $50 deposit for a whole lamb or $25 for a half lamb and filling out your cutting instructions, click here. We’ll let you know when it’s ready, and you’ll pick it up here at the farm. The lamb will be cut according to your instructions, professionally wrapped, labeled, and frozen. We use a licensed facility for all our butchering. How much does it cost? The price is $8.50 per pound based on hanging weight —the step just before the meat is divided into the familiar retail cuts you cook with. Our pasture-raised lambs average hanging weight is 40-44 lbs. For example, total cost for a whole lamb with a hanging weight of 42 lbs is $357.00 for a whole lamb and $178.50 for a half lamb Some lambs are smaller, some larger.

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